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Quicktool Changing System

FDI's Precision Forming and Trimming Systems are quick tool changing systems that are custom-designed to suit our customer's requirements, equipment and products.Quicktool Die Insert

Technology Supplied
Custom designed to suit each client's unique requirements, FDI provides the following:

  • Equipment Specifications
  • Detail Drawings
  • Employee Training
  • Instrumentation of System
  • Supervised Installation

Equipment Supplied
Main bolster, sub-bolsters (cassettes), main bolster temperature controller (PFS), die lubrication system (PFS), sub-bolster exchanging system, rectangular die interlocking ring and round die insert holders. Hydraulic shut height adjustments with digital read out.

Type of Equipment Accepted
Mechanical, hydraulic and screw presses, single or multi-impression die configuration or combinations of both, small lot quantities, high volume producers, automated systems, coining presses, piercing and trimming presses.

BenefitsQuicktool Shank Design
The benefits of a PFS/PTS system:

  • Creates 500 to 1000 hours of uptime by dramatically improving time required to exchange dies.
  • Minimizes downtime associated with die adjustment.
  • Eliminates 1)time lost to heating dies. 2) Hot setting or cold coining to correct trim distortion.
  • Simplifies forge tool manufacture, tool changing, wedge adjustments, job execution.
  • Maximizes die life/trim tool life.
  • Controls process variables using practical & simple methods.
  • Establishes benchmarks in order to recreate a successful process.
  • Standardizes die blocks.

Quick Die Change in Hammers Whitepaper


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