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Equipment Repair & Rebuilding

For the past 30 years, The Ajax Manufacturing Company has been actively involved in rebuilding forging equipment as an integral part of its basic operation. Ajax's expertise and know how, in conjunction with its machining capability provides you the customer, with an exacting piece of equipment rebuilt to meet your own specific requirements.

Knowledgeable Ajax personnel are available to disassemble the relevant machine, to analyze its condition and then to refurbish the unit to new machine tolerances after every part has been thoroughly inspected. Equipment Repair & Rebuilding

Our engineers are able to update the original equipment to comply with the latest OSHA standards and all electrical controls can be custom designed to suit the specific needs of a customer's plant requirements.

A warranty is provided for the standard of workmanship performed in refurbishing the machine and for all the parts replaced and included in the rebuild.

Our competence to remanufacture all forms of forging equipment is not limited to just the range of Ajax machines, and whether the work to be carried out is to be performed in house or at a customer's own factory, Ajax welcomes the opportunity to assist in your modernization endeavors.

Equipment Repair and Rebuilding Brochure

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