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Forging Machines & Automated Upsetters

Automated UpsetterAjax (now Ajax-CECO), the leader in modern forging machines, has pioneered in the design and manufacture of forging equipment since 1875. Ajax introduced the first general purpose forging machine and continues its leadership by building advanced forging machines that maximize productivity and minimize part cost.  The Ajax-CECO line of equipment includes forging machines ranging from 1 to 10 inch capacity and tube upsetters in popular sizes for API pipe upsetting. Forging machines can also be equipped with a variety of transfer mechanisms to produce many parts automatically.

Ajax-CECO machines are designed for reliable service and maximum production. Ajax developed the direct-acting air clutch, offering instant response and smooth, cushioned starting at high operating speeds for maximum production rates. Accurate torque regulation provides overload protection during heading.  The rigidity, power and precise alignment of the Ajax extension-guided header and die slide help produce consistently accurate forgings that require minimum secondary machining, further enhancing productivity. Metal displacement during piercing is very accurate and concentric.  Accurate header slide alignment holds tools concentric in the die impression, reducing abrasion and wear when piloting is necessary. Generous die height on 6 inch and larger sizes provides space for additional forging operations to make more intricate forged parts, and is particularly advantageous on automated machines in these sizes.  Approximately 60% of the headerslide stroke is normally available for gathering stock. This can be increased or decreased for special applications at customer's discretion.  Production time is maximized because Ajax-CECO machine designs keep setup time to a minimum.  Slip-tail clamps provide all the holding features of studs without the need for lifting clamps during die changes. Ajax-CECO machines can also be "inched" under power to save time and manual effort.  Ajax-CECO machines are convenient to operate, further contributing to productivity. Throat opening and operating height provide easy access to the dies so the operator can stand in a balanced position without interference from the tie rod. Forward stock movement is also minimized.

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