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Forging Presses

Ajax designed, engineered and manufactured advanced types of forging Forging Pressequipment for over 100 years, and since the 1930's when forging presses were initially introduced into our range of forging equipment, we have constantly reviewed and improved our original design features to encompass all the latest design innovations and high tech options that a modern forging press requires to be as efficient as possible for the large scale production of steel and alloy forgings. Based upon a one piece solid cast steel stress relieved frame, and well engineered drive and control mechanism, the Ajax High Speed Forging Press offers to its user, a powerful, rigid and fast operating machine for the production of accurate warm and near net shape components, as well as conventional hot forgings. 

We offer our Ajax-CECO Forging Press as a back shafted or direct drive machine. Press designs can be modified to give higher torque, variable stroke speed, and longer forging and ejector strokes, according to the work requirements. 

Ever since the introduction of our first vertical forging press into the forging industry, and subsequently through design advances of our Twin Pitman Forging Press and Wide Ram Four Point Suspension Press, Ajax-CECO expertise has allowed our customers a choice of products that best suit their particular application.  Adaptation of Programmable Controls and the latest electronic monitoring equipment, used in conjunction with first stage feeders and automatic transfer devices, provides production capabilities never before attained.  Consequently, through our vast experience in the domestic and foreign forging markets, Ajax-CECO has successfully maintained a reputation as a reliability leader in the forging industry, which has made the Ajax Forging Press the valuable and economical forging tool it is today. 

Ajax Forging Presses are built in sizes from 300 to 8000 Metric Tons, but please don't hesitate to ask us to build a customized press for your forge plant.

Forging Press Brochure

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