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Wire Drawers

The Ajax-Hogue Wire Drawer is used in conjunction with cold forming equipment.  It draws Wire Drawerand coats hot-rolled, pickled and limed or phosphate coated rod as the rod feeds into the heading machine.  With suitable mechanical provisions, Ajax-Hogue Straight Line Wire Drawers will operate with any make of cold-heading machine. 

We build them in nine sizes for handling all rod diameters - from our smallest No. 0, to our largest No. 8 - up to and including 2" diameter wire. We can provide feed roll dies to draw round bar to hexagonal bar.  

The cold drawn stock produced in this manner not only exceeds that commercially available as to accuracy, but possesses numerous other desirable properties for operators of cold-heading machinery such as straightness, clean coating and no age hardness.

Wire Drawers Brochure

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