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We offer a broad range of Consulting Services, including tooling design, feasibility studies, design and planning of new forging facilities, as well as evaluation and modernization of existing facilities.

Our consulting services specialize in diagnostic and strategic planning, utilizing the depth of engineering and global experience of FDIs staff to make forging companies more competitive world wide.

Facility Review/Modernization
Capacity and process flow; new technology impact assessment; equipment specifications; equipment procurement and installation management; master planning.

Plant Layouts
Concept design and facility layouts; material flow; ergonomics.

Process Evaluations
Operating efficiency assessment; development of preventive maintenance programs; quality improvements; downtime reduction.

Make vs. Buy Analysis
Market analysis; technological assessment of product and process; cost benefit analysis; investment strategy; pay back analysis.

Equipment Evaluation
Machine inspections; recommendations on repair vs. replacement; evaluation of maintenance practices.

Project Management
Project planning; logistics; liaison between vendors; scheduling; general supervision.

Neutral Planning Assessment
An independent review of strategic plans for equipment, process and productivity improvements utilizing the worldwide experience of FDI's staff.

Cost Accounting
Analysis of job costing systems and participation in the design of new costing systems.

Die Design & Process Engineering
Forge and trim tool design; defect analysis and reduction, process redesign.

Productivity Analysis/Improvement
Operating methods analysis; detailed operations audits, new technology impact assessment; work measurement and standards development; operation control and reporting systems; employee training seminars.

Process Simulation
Metal flow simulation; thermal analysis; 3-D modeling; physical modeling.

Process Troubleshooting
Defect analysis; metallurgical studies; thermal and mechanical process; equipment behavior.

Company Specific Projects
Innovative process design; special machinery; equipment modifications.

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