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At FDI, we provide the industry's most complete PUBLIC & IN-HOUSE seminars, utilizing the world wide experience of FDI's staff.

Forge Engineering & Die DesignOur First Die Forger Maintenance Seminar
Program duration 3.5 days, contents include:

  • Basic metallurgy/structure and properties of forged metals
  • Die design/metal flow characteristics/cavity pressure
  • Equipment constraints/forging process simulation
  • Force and energy calculations/impression shapes
  • Preforming methods and machines
  • Quick Tool Changing concepts
  • Trimming mechanics/defect prevention and detection
  • Daily problem solving workshops
  • Company specific problem solving

Quick Tool Changing for Hammers, Forge Presses and Trim Presses
Program duration one day, contents include:

  • Equipment constraints/force and energy calculations
  • Trimming mechanics
  • Quick Tool Changing concepts
  • Quick Tool Changing for hammers, presses, and trim presses
  • Problem solving workshop/company specific problems

Die Design for Forging Presses and Hammers

  • Basic metallurgy/metal flow and die filling/cavity pressure
  • Force and energy calculations
  • Designing: flash forming impressions, preforming shapes and preforming impressions
  • Relationship of buster, blocker and finisher
  • Extrusions/warm forming characteristics
  • Quick Tool Changing concepts/trimming and piercing
  • Die failure causes and cure/die layout/problem solving
  • Company specific problem solving

Additional FDI courses include:

  • Concepts of Forging
  • Company Specific - Individually designed Courses


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