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Die Forgers

The Ajax-CECO (Chambersburg) Die Forger represents a most advanced and productive, pneumatic controlled high-speed forging hammer.  Being pneumatically controlled and electrically operated it is readily adaptable to sequence programming, which permits the presetting of the optimum number and intensity of forging blows for each of these stations.  Thus, it is possible to reduce the training period for relatively unskilled operators and to enhance the abilities of the experienced hammer personnel to produce at maximum production rates.

Our new die forgers are now available as standard (DF), or hydraulic (HDF) operated.

We can also convert most of your standard hammers to hydraulic.

Hydraulic Die Forger Hydraulic Die Forger Brochure coming soon. Please contact us to learn if this application is appropriate for your forging project.

Programmable Die Forger Brochure

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