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Solid-Die Ball Forging Machines

Ajax-CECO’s Continuous Motion Solid Die Forging Machines are designed for the rapid production of single blow forgings, such as solid steel balls used for mining / grinding media by the mining industry. Our machines produce a forging at each revolution, effecting very high production and profitability.

The Operation consists of continuously heating a stock bar of the correct diameter that is directly fed into the machine to the correct length. On each successive stroke of the machine the end of the bar is sheared and simultaneously transferred into the die cavity then, forged to shape and ejected as a completed forging. Ejector systems on both the stationary and header die insure part ejection during the forging process. Accurate control of all forging parameters allows for flash-less manufacturing of mining / grinding balls.

Solid-Die Ball Forging MachineAutomated Solid-Die Ball Forging Machine Brochure


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