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Ajax has been in the machinery building business for over 135 years.  In this time over 6000 machines have been built and put into production around the world.  Ajax-CECO has maintained a reputation for building and designing rugged machinery that serves forge shop owners for decades, producing products at closer tolerances than most of our competitors' machinery. 

We have also rebuilt hundreds of our own machines and those of our competitors over the last 30 years.  We maintain an experienced staff of service technicians and machinists to serve our customers' needs.  Forging machinery repairs, press parts, and new forging equipment are constantly flowing through the factory in order to meet customer requirements.

In the last few years alone, Ajax-CECO has built and installed:Experienced Ajax-Ceco Personnel

  • one (1) new 7000 ton mechanical forging press  
  • two (2) new 40MN rated forging presses (both upgraded to higher capacity)
  • one (1) new 2500 metric ton forging press 
  • one (1) new 5-1/2 Tube Upsetter
  • two (2) new 7-5/8 Tube Upsetters
  • one (1) new 60MN forging press
  • one (1) new 500T 4-point Trim Press
  • one (1) new No. 8 Wire Drawer
  • fourteen (14) new forging upsetters
  • two (2) new 3-1/2" Tube upsetters with material handling system

We have also rebuilt:

  • one (1) 7 National Upsetter and fitted it with new automation
  • one (1) 8 Ajax Forging machine and fitted it with automation
  • rebuilt one (1) 1000 ton HPM hydraulic press
  • one (1) 250 ton Erie trimming press
  • one (1) 700 ton Ajax Forging press
  • two (2) 4 Ajax Forging machines
  • one (1) #7 Bar Drawer integrated with a mechanical press

Since 2002, Ajax-CECO has developed the CECO line of business, serving nearly 200 Chambersburg customers - and the number continues to grow!  

Ajax-CECO has also built or rebuilt:

  • #8 Model "C" Impacter
  • #23 Die Forger
  • Rebuilt #8 Die Forger 
  • Rebuilt and Recalibrated Power Forger
  • Refurbished (2) #8 and (1) #15 Model "C" Impacter
  • New #38 Die Forger
  • New #23 Die Forger


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