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Ajax-CECO News

March 1, 2016 - Press Release

Ajax-CECO is pleased to announce its move into the Park-Ohio Forged & Machine Products Group, LLC,  of Park Ohio Holdings. This means a substantial increase in resources of people and facilities to support our customers.  Our Human Resources, Accounting, Parts Sales, Purchasing and Engineering offices will remain at the following address:


29100 Lakeland Blvd.
Wickliffe, OH 44092
Phone: 440-295-0244
Fax: 440-295-0245

Our spare parts warehouse, incoming inspection, assembly, shipping and receiving departments will continue to be housed out at the following addess:


1500 E. 219th Street

Euclid, Ohio  44117

Please update your records.

As we grow, other facilities may become available to us so that we can increase our ability to be even more flexible and responsive to our customers and provide the best possible service.

In recognition of your support and loyalty to Ajax-CECO, we are establishing a “Customer Hall of Fame” in our offices honoring our customers and highlighting products manufactured on Ajax-CECO equipment.  We are asking for contributions to the Hall of Fame in the form of photographs, samples, video clips, and short stories about a common or unique product you made on your Ajax or Chambersburg (Ajax-CECO) equipment.  We will gladly identify you as a loyal customer or keep your identity confidential as you prefer.  We look forward to proudly displaying modern forged products in our new Customer Hall of Fame.

Please contact khughes @ ajax-ceco.com to submit your contributions or to request more information.

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