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Model "C" ImpacterModel C Impacter System

Originally developed in the 1950ís, the operating principle of the Impacter is simple. Two bodies of equal mass are accelerated toward each other at the same speed. Upon colliding, the reaction forces are equal and opposite to each other, thus concentrating the complete absorption of energy within the bodies themselves. When forging stock is placed between the bodies, it will be deformed by the impact energy created by the blow.

In operation, with the impellers back, a pulse of air is admitted simultaneously behind each piston, driving the impellers toward each other. A constant return air pressure is maintained on the other side of the pistons which, after the blow, returns the impellers to their original position. Blow energy is preset and regulated by precise timing controls to provide consistent energy levels for metal deformation.

Stock manipulation is by a custom robotic system called the Pallet Feed. It is hydraulic servo driven and precisely locates the forging stock to match the die locations. The combination of programmable energy levels and blow patterns plus the programmable stock handling features makes the Impacter System a fully automatic production system that has no reliance of manual manipulation skills. As a result, users experience consistent high volume production of forgings, achieve excellent quality, and benefit from the long die life typical of Impacters.

Properly laid out, the Impacter cells can be operated by one operator (or supervisor) thus further reducing direct labor costs.

Model "C" Impacter System Brochure


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